Standard Classic Bobbins        

Spangled bobbins for beginners
Pack of 10 for £15.00
Beads shown will vary from to time
Jaspé Bobbins
Laminated Bobbins
Continental Bobbins
Travel Bobbins
Hand Turned Bobbins
Spangling Beads & Wire
Bobbin Winder
(Remember that all SMP Bobbins are made from wood.)

Standard Classics.

The standard birch classics with their burnished finish are ideal for painting or pyrography. We can supply them polished if required but most lacemakers prefer them to obtain a natural patina with use.

These bobbins are 50 pence each or £22.50 for a pack of 50 of one style

Left to right
Honiton, Midland fancy & Midland traditional

200 bobbins cost £85.00
There are special prices for quantities of
500 or 2000 bobbins
The three patterns can be mixed
(in 50's) for discount purposes

If you would like them polished,
they are 55 pence each or £25.50 for a pack of 50

Ready spangled the midland bobbins
cost £15.00 for a pack of 10 (unpolished)

The Jaspé

Due to a devasting fire at the firm who manufacture the laminated wood
which we use for making these bobbins, it has been impossible
to replenish stocks of this very popular bobbin.
The destruction was so great that we fear production may never resume
These bobbins are no longer available

Laminated bobbins.

The Tabi bobbin is available spangled with a Swarovski cat head bottom bead.




Brugge, Duchesse & Mini
in Birch or Boxwood
Brugge, Duchesse & Mini
in Rosewood

The Brugge bobbin in birch can be ordered unpolished for painting or pyrography.

Rosewood is now included in the CITES list of endangered woods.
We may not be able to replace these bobbins once existing stock runs out. 

Bobbins for Travel Pillows

The Cubs are a short bodied version of the midland classic for use with travel pillows.
They have a standard size neck and head.

Birch Cubs


Bobbins (Hand Turned Midlands and Honiton by Nicholas Perrin)

Exotic/Fruitwoods/Hardwoods £2.00 each or £18.00/10
For those who like their bobbins thin.

Nicholas is one of the few bobbin makers who has been taught to make lace.


Spangling Beads and Wire.

Spangling beads are sold by weight.
100gm bag for £4.50

Crystal beads are in mixed packs of 50.
size 4 & 6mm.
Price per pack is £2.50

The Gold or Silver spacer beads
are £1.00 for a string of 100.


Spangling wire
is traditionally soft brass 26 gauge.
This was used by the local snaresman
for his traps and was readily
available to the 19th century lacemaker

Coils of 3m are 45 pence each.
(sufficient for 20 to 25 bobbins).
Pack of ten coils for £4.00
0.6kg reel for £17.00

Bobbin Winder

The SMP Newnham winder


Illustrated with a midland bobbin.
Note the spangle securely folded in.