Bookmark sleeves           


Lace, tatted and crochet Angels
Key Fobs.
Jewellery Box.
Silver Jewellery Box.
Silver rim Plates.
Wood figurines for Angels etc.

Bookmark sleeves.

Clear soft sleeves sometimes known as pouches
for displaying bookmarks, snakes and other craftwork.
Three widths 40mm, 50mm and 65mm which are approximately 1.5", 2" and 2.5" .
All at one length 255mm (10") which can be cut to size.

Single sleeves.

45 pence.

Pack of 10 sleeves (any mix of sizes).       


Pack of 50 sleeves (any mix of sizes).



Special price for 100+ POA.

Key Fobs.

Specially made with deep frame to take craftwork without the cover popping out.
Display area 30mm x 40mm.

     35 pence each.
          or 3.00 for a pack of ten.


Special price for 100+ POA.

Jewellery Box.


Jewellery box
with display window for your lace.
Overall size 20cm x 15cm x 7cm high.
Display size 14cm x 9cm.


Silver plated jewellery box.


Overall size 10 x 8 x 4 cm
Display size 7.5 x 5.5 cm
this box has a hinged lid.


Plates with Silver Plated rim.

Overall diameter 20cm.
Display diameter 14.5cm.

19.50 each.

Overall diameter 15cm.
Display diameter 10.5cm.

14.00 each.


The two sheets of glass and the rim are held together by a plastic ring.
To assist with assembly, this should be softened by heating with a hair dryer.

Wooden Figurine.

The Christmas Angel figurine.
This popular figure at 50mm high
is the basis for
Christmas Angels and other model figures.


    50 pence each or 4.50 for ten pack.    


The Head and Cap sets.
As used in the Nilsson angel figures.


Pack of 4 for 1.00