Every Lacemaker has the ambition to make a fan at some time.

Select which size to view
Mother of Pearl sticks **
21 cm ( 8.5 inch )
Choice of 3 patterns.
Pearwood sticks *
13.cm ( 5¼ inch )
Choice of 5 patterns.
Pearwood sticks *
11cm ( 4¼ inch )
Pattern available.
Pearwood sticks *
5.2cm ( 2 inch )
2 pattern sheets with
2 patterns on each.

Choose your size of stick to find details and patterns available.

The sticks and patterns are priced both separately and together.
Patterns are full size and use basic torchon technique but no instructions are included.
Use a no. 30 embroidery or no. 80 crochet cotton.

* Pearwood sticks are steamed to give that warm pink colouring.
** An excellent substitute for the genuine item at a competitive price.

A printed version of our fan catalogue can be downloaded here