SMP Lace has now been around for 40 years

and continues to serve its customers across the world.
(at the last count our customer address list amounted to 9,888 names)

Following Sheila's death in 2013, the business has been run by myself and continues to flourish.
You will meet us at most of the Lace Fairs but we are now reluctant to accept Lace Day bookings.
This is because of advancing years.
We have branded ourselves as the supplier you can contact when there's a last minute cancellation.
Russell Perrin

Print your own catalogue

If you prefer a printed copy of any of our catalogues, these can now be downloaded in pdf format.
Just go to the catalogue page and take the download option.
You will then be given the option of downloading any of the catalogues

Please note that the web catalogue is usually the more up to date.

Torchon Lacemaking by Elizabeth Wade.

This book has been reprinted
A first class reference book for beginners and more advanced lacemakers

Priced at £14.50

Block Pillows

Church Meadow Crafts who make our pillows have told us
that after more than 30 years use the tools for moulding block pillows have come to the end of their life.

All block pillows are now supplied with flat sides.
The grade of material is unchanged.

Self Adhesive Matt Film

As many of you know, the makers of the blue matt film (X-Film) ceased trading in September 2013
We bought up all that we were able to find and this has lasted well.
The moment has now come when we have no more

We have a replacement

The transparency and the matt surface are idendical but the colour is now grey.

We have found that many of our customers prefer the grey colour.

As a bonus, the price is approximately 20% less

Send for a free sample or have
A test size piece you can use 40 x 20 cm for 1.00

Our Book Catalogue

This has been updated and is slowly being converted to a new format
You will find the downloadable catalogue has been arranged as 3 pdf files

Regular booklist

Reduced books - available while stocks last

Secondhand books

For our full list of books go to the main catalogue.

We obtain some of our finest books from Europe and pay for them in euros.
A few years ago,the euro was worth around 60 pence, but as you know those days have long gone.
Recently, we have been finding the euro is costing 80 to 90 pence which makes the continental books appear expensive.
But all is not bad news - there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

In Germany, you pay VAT on books - because we are a VAT registered company, we claim that back and sell at the lower price.
Retail price maintenance, which the UK rescinded many years ago, still applies in most of Europe.
This means they are unable to discount their books as we are.
Because we buy in quite big quantities, the carriage charges are reasonably low per book.

Fan Kits

We have reviewed the range and packaging of our fanstick sets and patterns.
The stick sets and patterns are now available separately.
See the catalogue pages for details.
Customers are reminded that fan patterns do not tell you how to make the lace - some experience is assumed

News on Threads

Madeira Tanne in all sizes has been discontinued.

For Tanne 30, 50 and 80, the alternatives are Cotona 30, 50 and 80

Shade Cards.

Shade cards for all our threads are available
from the threads page in the catalogue.

The Catalogue.

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding our new catalogue pages.
The sections have been rearranged with more product illustrations.
The fan kits have a new section of their own although it is currently under review.

The new catalogue is far more comprehensive than the printed sheet
and we would encourage you only to request the sheet
if you have no printer available or have no computer of your own.

For those uncertain, we give you some help with printing your own copy.

Sheila and Nicholas at Pudsey Fair
Our EVENTS calendar has been updated to the end of 2017.
We expect to see many of you throughout the year
and you may like to check out where to find us.

Nicholas and Russell at Pudsey Fair

Photos by Ash Firth