Flat Round Pillows           
Block Pillows
Pillow for Needlelace
Table Stand for Pillow
Lacemakers Magnifier




Flat Round Pillows.

These pillows
are 2" thick and slightly rounded at the edge.

16" dia flat pillow.

blue cotton covered
with hard base.



18" dia flat pillow.

blue cotton covered
with hard base.


22" dia flat pillow.

blue cotton covered
with hard base.







Block Pillows.

Block pillows are designed for making continuous lengths of lace and for turning corners.
Full blocks (the square ones) can be turned 90 degrees to work a corner.
With the larger pillows, two blocks are turned together.

In use start working from the top and as you near the bottom, just push
the blocks upwards. The block that pops out at the top is fed back in at the bottom.
You will need two prickings of your repeat pattern.

Blocks can be used on either side, giving twice the life.


Standard 3 block pillow.

Two full blocks 5.5" x 5.5" plus two half blocks.
Overall size 16.5" x 15" wide.


Large 4 block pillow.

Four blocks 8" x 4"
Overall size 16.5" x 18" wide.


Extra large 3 block pillow.

Three large blocks 11" x 5.5"
Overall size 16.5" x 21" wide.



Roller insert assembly.

Replaces the standard 5.5" x 5.5" square block
and converts a block pillow into a roller pillow.
Suitable for the standard pillow.



Fabric packs for pillows.

Size approx 56" x 39"
dark blue.


Pillow for Needlelace.

Needlelace Pillow 5" dia x 9" long.

polycylinder without cover.


Standard sizes for replacement rollers available.
4" dia x 9" long at 5.00
3" dia x 6" long at 4.00

Bespoke sizes to order.


Pillow Stand.

A simple slope to angle your pillow for working at a table.


The tablestand
dismantles for packing.

Size is 15 inches front to back
and 12" wide.




Lacemakers Magnifier.

This lightweight magnifier can be used freestanding or be pinned to your pillow.
The rimless lens is mounted on a flexistem.


Main lens 9cm diameter
with 2.25X magnification.

Inset lens 2cm diameter
with 4X magnification.