We supply pin lifter ends, pin pushers and short bodied pinvices
for inserting in wooden handles
Also bent needles for susans or needlepins.
prices upon request.
Lazy Susans and Needlepins.
Fine Crochet Hook.
Latch Hook.
Pin Lifters and Pushers.
Pins and Dividers.
Stitch and Bobbin Holders.



This is the Aluminium Pinvice
also known as a wighook holder

When fitted with a short needle it becomes an inexpensive pricker.

Use a no: 8 sharps or similar needle cut in half.

£2.50 each
Bulk price for larger quantities.

The wooden style handle is easier
for those who have a problem with gripping.      

£5.00 each.

Cork Boards for pricking - £3.50 each.

Lazy Susans and Needlepins.

The Lazy Susan is used for sewing in your ends.

A bent needle is held in the wooden handle.
The eye is outermost.

In use a loop of thread is tied through the eye
and used to pull through your ends.

£2.50 each

A mounted needle with the point facing out.
Used for sewings with very fine threads

£2.50 each

Close up view of susan and needlepin.

Crochet Hook.

This very small size hook ( 0.4 mm ) is made specially for lacemakers.


Latch Hook.

Very fine latch hook

Known as a hosiery mender or snag repair tool
Colour of handle is now white.

£2.00 each

Pinlifters and Pushers

Traditional Forked Pinlifter.

Easy to use -
The forked end fits under the pinhead
and a straight pull lifts the pin

£2.50 each

The standard forked pin lifter
is sized for pins
up to 0.65 mm.

The fine forked pin lifter

is sized for pins up to 0.5 mm.
The forked end is hand crafted
Close up view of the fine lifter head.

£4.00 each


The Continental Style Push/Puller.

The end is dished for pushing.
The rim of the dished end is burred inwards.
so that the pin head can be engaged for pulling.

As the name suggests it is a design
used by lacemakers on the Continent.
Practice is needed to pull pins out straight
Care must be taken if you have
a plastic pillow

£2.50 each



Pin Lifter & Pusher
Combination Tool.

At one end is a forked lifter.
whilst the other end
has the pusher.

£3.50 each

Close up view of the combination tool.

Pins and Dividers.


Roundel of 40
glass/pearl headed pins



Lacemaking pins (medium).
0.6 mm diameter x 30 mm long

These are the pins.
recommended for beginners

10g box £1.50
25g box £3.00
100 gm box £7.00



Lacemaking pins (fine).
0.5 mm diameter x 30 mm long

These are for finer laces
and have small heads.

10g box £1.50
25g box £4.00
100 gm box £8.00


These lacemaking pins are nickel plated steel which is stainless.
under no circumstances should these be used with an emery powder pincusion.

Stitch and Bobbin Holders.


Spring Stitch Holders. 13 cm wide

£1.50 each
£12.00 for a card of 10

Bobbin Stackers.

15 cm long £3.00 each